Engaging learners across all content areas with STEM-related instructional practices.

with Bethany Bernasconi

2012 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year

“I’m excited about the new conversations about STEM. Both in relation to instruction and in relation to content.

“But STEM isn’t just about STEM subjects – it’s about habits of mind. We want all students to be able to ask purposeful questions that are supported with evidence; critically evaluate the world around them and make connections from many and disparate pieces of information; and approach any problem with discipline and rigorous analysis.

“Of course it’s important to start with the standards and student learning objectives. What do you want  your students to be able to do at the end of the process? What skills are you evaluating? When you start with learning objectives, you can work backwards to design what you want the learning experience to look like.

“I’ll be addressing these kinds of questions at our first TeachingPartners Live Workshop session. I hope by the time our second session concludes you’ll have both the understanding and the resources you need to introduce these practices with your own students.”

Bethany Bernasconi

Bethany Bernasconi is the 2012 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year, a 2013 ASCD Emerging Leader, and a 2014 Milken Fellow. After earning a BA in Biology and a MAT in Secondary Science Education, both from Boston University, she began teaching high s... Full Bio