Building self-esteem and ensuring success through the creation of adapted art.

“I design art projects that ensure that kids have success and feel as if they have done something extraordinary. It’s critical to be flexible and to adapt projects to the wide range of abilities of students that you find in a special education class.

In my room be we do all sorts of art and my job as a teachers is to make sure that they can do it in a successful way. Any time students gets a taste for success, they become hungry for more.

I see art as a bandaid for the soul because no matter what you create or whatever your passion is for that day, it’s coming from inside the student and there’s no wrong way to do it.”

Brett Bigham

Brett Bigham is the 2014 Oregon State Teacher of the Year and received an NEA National Award for Excellence in Education in 2015. He is an NEA Global Fellow for South Africa in 2018 and was a Fellow in 2015 where he travelled to Peru to work with ... Full Bio