Helping teachers share their experience by writing and distributing their own professional blogs

Teachers have a lot to say, and that is a great reality; however, they are not always sure how and where to share all of their experiences and expertise.  The National Blogging Collaborative (NBC) is an organization dedicated to providing the writing support educators need so that they have the skill and confidence to share their amazing thoughts and insights with the world. To date, we have worked with over 800 writers as peer-coaches, leading workshops, and via our editorial board support curriculum.

Join us as we share what we’ve found to be most essential when teachers begin sharing their experiences in their own professional blog. We’ll help you best understand how to get started on a piece, to consider your audience (blogs vs. Opinion Editorials – for example), and to incorporate story as a means of highlighting student experiences. We’ll also share important tips to locating landing places other than your own personal blog.

Brooke Perry

Brooke Perry is a co-founder of the National Blogging Collaborative. She is currently working as an English Language Arts TOSA (teacher on special assignment) in Kent School District, where she’s been a classroom teacher for 6 years. In her ... Full Bio