Creating an environment that encourages inclusion students to feel welcome and confident in a general education classroom

All Grades

On September 24th, I shared how I create an inclusive classroom environment for students with disabilities. I feel strongly that teachers should include students with disabilities in the general education classroom. An inclusive classroom environment is critical for building confidence, self-esteem, and a permanent sense of normalcy for students with disabilities. My students get the same attention as other students, don’t feel secluded, and don’t feel uncomfortable when answering questions.

I’ve found there are some essential things every teacher can do to make sure that she creates that inclusive environment. You can ensure that you understand the range and complexity of disability types; understand the unique needs of each student; apply the human elements that students need to feel safe and included; and implement simple routines that help foster a lasting sense of belonging.

I shared the strategies I’ve found to be most impactful in a free, one-hour workshop that gives you the information you need to begin to think about how to make your own classroom environment more inclusive.

You can find a video archive of this session under the “Session 1” tab above.

Our group will meet again on October 1st to share ideas and to help fine-tune everyone’s approach to this new strategy.

Jemelleh Coes

Jemelleh Coes has been in education for 8 years. She specializes in middle grades Language Arts and Reading with a focus in Special Education. In 2014, Jemelleh served as Georgia’s Teacher of the Year. She currently assists with the preparation of... Full Bio