Workshop Three: Sharing Your Key Successes

Last fall, CTQ and TeachingPartners launched a new teacher-driven campaign that gives voice to the positive power teachers have in shaping their professional practice. We’re inviting teachers to document their stories of professional impact because we believe that sharing more fully the ways in which teachers make positive changes in their classrooms, their schools, and their communities can shine a light on the many ways teachers lead within their profession. We believe, too, that sharing these stories of impact will help teachers become better partners with administrators, parents, and students, and that together we can advance what it means to be a teacher inside and outside the classroom.

The “Stories of Impact” campaign kicked off with the start of the 2017-2018 school year, showcasing teachers’ true power to create positive change in their profession, and encouraging other teachers to do the same. To ensure that as many teachers as possible can take part in this campaign, we’re also helping teachers to develop and share their stories.

This workshop, Sharing Your Key Successes, is the third of five Stories of Impact Workshops. Join CTQ Virtual Community Organizer Ernie Rambo as she shares the third step in telling your professional story: crafting the moments of feeling and detail that helps others understand your successes.

Teachers who complete this Workshop–or any of the five CTQ Workshops that comprise this TeachingPartners Live Collaborative–are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion direct from TeachingPartners.

You can also use what you learn in to create a piece of writing that you believe has the potential to influence others–other teachers you know, faculty and administrators, and even people outside the education community. Thanks to the Center for Teaching Quality you can also verify the successful implementation of these skills with a micro-credential you can share with your school or district.

Ernie Rambo

Presented by CTQ.

This workshop is part of CTQCollab Presents “Stories of Impact”.