Elevating Culturally-Responsive Teaching

Like most teachers who learn from their time in the classroom, I’ve found that a single teaching strategy very seldom engages all my students. Students learn best when they can relate their learning to their own experiences and to the culture within which they understand these experiences. An important part of my job is being responsive to each student’s experience and culture.

In early March, I hosted a panel discussion at Concordia University together with my colleague Martha Almendarez Langland. Together with five other local teachers, we shared ways in which we’ve ensured that our teaching remains responsive to our students and to their cultures.  We shared our own experiences and encouraged teachers in attendance to do all they can to meet each of their students on their students terms, in ways that support and affirm each student’s experience. You can view the full discussion right here:

In this TeachingPartners Live Workshop, Martha and I will continue this conversation, and we’ll share the suggestions of our fellow colleagues—four of whom—like me—have been previously recognized as an Oregon State Teacher of the Year. We’ll also share how we have developed and employed a Culturally Responsible Teaching “Place Paper,” and how we have employed specific strategies that have made a significant difference for our students and our classrooms.

Please join us! In our first session, you will have a chance to respond to these strategies and to share your own experiences in relation to the dynamic between students’ motivation and culture. Together, we’ll use this background to explore successes and challenges in relation to creating a culturally responsive classroom. You will leave this session with new ideas and practices that you can personalize or refine before we meet again. In our second session, you will have the chance to more fully share either your own classroom-tested approaches, or your personalized implementation of the teaching practices we’ve explored together.

As you can with other TeachingPartners Live Workshops, you can earn a six-hour Certificate of Participation from TeachingPartners for your participation in both workshop sessions. And, if you add your phone number during registration, TeachingPartners will text you reminders as we get closer to the date.

Join us!

Michael Lindblad