Wednesday, Dec 5 8:00 pm EST

Wednesday, Dec 12 8:00 pm EST

Enlisting industry partners to bring real-life expertise to your career-academy classroom

Grades 9-12

On December 5th and December 12th, I’ll share the approach that I’ve found most consistently delivers real-life industry expertise to my classroom: enlisting industry professionals as co-teachers of key parts of my curriculum.

At key times each year, I invite industry professionals to help teach lessons directly to my career-academy students. I work with these speakers in advance of their visit to give them the context they need to present their experience in ways my students will understand and benefit from. I also make sure that they are prepared to illustrate key skills or concepts with real examples taken from their current jobs or their previous work histories. Presenting these examples helps make classroom ideas concrete for my students. It also empowers each guest speaker to share the one thing that makes his or her experience unique—and uniquely engaging for my students.

On December 5th, I’ll share how I approach potential guest-teachers, how I think about integrating them within a lesson or a unit, and—once they agree to take part—how I prepare them to make their time in the classroom most successful. Because professionals work by checklists, deliverables, and deadlines, I’ll also share effective ways to engage them in reviewing and contributing their ideas to handouts, activities, and other resources that will support their teaching time.

We will meet again on December 12th, after you’ve had a chance to reflect about this approach and to think about how this strategy might work best for your students. Together with other teachers, you’ll then share your ideas and give feedback to others similarly eager to enlist professionals in their classroom.

Register for this TeachingPartners Live Workshop now, and TeachingPartners will immediately send you an appointment you can drop right in your online calendar. You’ll also get a reminder closer to December 5th to make sure you’re ready.

About Sharrell Howard

Sharrell Howard is a life-long learner. She has dedicated herself to the advancement and enhancement of education for the coming generation.

Sharrell began her professional career as an intern at Turner Associates Architects and Planners while in 10th grade. She studied Architectural Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University. After graduation, she was hired at a Design/Build Firm in Charlotte N.C. Her dreams of designing buildings all over the country was now a reality. As a job captain in the firm, she managed projects and project teams. She also hired and trained high school interns in the community. The housing market crash in 2008 finally caused the firm to close the doors in 2010.

Jasmine Smith, her dear friend suggested the school system. She was immediately hired to teach high school Architecture and Engineering. She became very involved with the Engineering curriculum and achieved the distinction of master teacher. As a master teacher, she trained other teachers to effectively teach Engineering curriculums. In 2014, she was instrumental in the launch of a high school/early college Engineering program in Charlotte, NC. She assisted in introducing cross-curricular thinking and projects throughout the school using the project-based learning format. While working in the classroom, she obtained a Masters in Secondary Education and an MBA.

In 2014, she was named STEM Superstar by Piedmont Natural Gas. In 2017, she was nominated by NAF to be recognized as one of 40 top STEM educators in the United States by the 100Kin10 initiative set forth by President Obama. Her most notable achievement to date was the recognition at the 2015 Lowe’s Pride Awards, “STEAM Innovative Teacher of the Year”. She was the featured cover story of Pride magazine in 2015 “Women in STEM.” The March/April publication included an inspiring article about my achievements. Several of Charlotte’s local TV stations conducted inspiring interviews as the “STEAM Innovative Teacher of the Year” in her classroom. These experiences and achievements have led to the development of “The Professional Classroom Playbook.”