Enlisting Parents’ Help to Secure High-Quality Paid Student Internships

Grades 9-12

On November 27th and December 4th, I’ll share the practice that I’ve found makes the biggest difference for my NAF Academy students: partnering with their parents early on to help search and secure student internships, A large part of this strategy involves meeting with parents, presenting the aims and outcomes of a successful internship, and then providing them with documentation about our students and our Information Technology Academy that they can use to approach new local businesses and existing advisory board members.

Getting parents involved is far and away the best way to establish and grow the network of personal and business partners who can provide immediate opportunities for my students, and opportunities for years to come.

On November 27th I’ll share exactly how I enlist parents in ways that support paid internships for each of our Information Technology students in a free, one-hour workshop. I’ll share the materials I offer these parents, as well as the schedule of milestones I establish with parents to help them get engaged and stay committed to growing our business network. You’ll have a chance to reflect about these strategies and to begin to personalize them for your own students. Then, our group will meet again on December 4th to share ideas and help fine-tune you and other participants’ approaches.

Register for this TeachingPartners Live Workshop now, and TeachingPartners will send you a appointment you can drop right in your online calendar. You’ll also get a reminder closer to October 3rd to make sure you’re ready.

Claire Trouard

This is my 19th year of teaching. The last 10 years have been spent with Carencro High School Academy of Information Technology while 5 of those years, serving as the academy director. While at Carencro High, I have taught Principles of IT, Web De... Full Bio