The Secret Language of Decision-Makers

I’ve spent the past ten years of my life working with teachers across the country to make changes on behalf of their students. From introducing new programs in their districts to changing union contracts to successfully advocating for state legislation, I’ve helped thousands of teachers become effective advocates—empowering them to support their students. I’ve captured the lessons teachers need to build influence and power in my new book, How to Be Heard, and will be sharing them across a series of skill-building Teaching Partners Live Workshops.

I offer nuts-and-bolts strategies that together are recognized as the “price of admission” to becoming a credible and welcomed participant in important policy conversations and decisions. I believe that it’s possible for teachers to initiate change, and to participate effectively on the policy playing field.

This second TeachingPartners Live workshop focuses specifically on what changing education policy can mean for you. Teachers change the lives of their students through relationships. Policy makers (superintendents, state officials) have a different set of levers that the can use to improve education. In this session, we’ll expose what those levers are and  why they exert such a powerful influence on our classrooms. You’ll come away with the three key messages you need to influence any policy decision.

Between sessions, participants will research the rules and the key leaders making decisions on the issue they care most about changing in education.

Celine Coggins

Dr. Celine Coggins is a Lecturer and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prior to Harvard, Celine founded and ran Teach Plus, a nationwide network of over top-performing 30,000 teachers. Celine recently published... Full Bio

This workshop is part of Celine Coggins Shares How to Be Heard.