Keeping students on the same page by hosting classroom-based “accountability socials”

Grades 9-12

On October 1st and October 8th, I’ll share the strategy I’ve found works best for making certain that my accounting students all start on the same level playing field. I’ll share the way I introduce and then continue to reinforce accounting’s systematic processes for working with, understanding, and presenting financial information. I do this through a repeated classroom activity I call our “accountability social.”

Every year students take either the Principles of Accounting course or College Accounting 1 with me. I noticed over the years that when students come to my classroom from different teachers they as a result begin the year with a different foundation of accounting skills and processes. To make sure my students are all starting from the same place I begin working with them from the outset on identifying, recording, measuring, classifying, verifying, summarizing, interpreting and communicating financial information  in our classroom “accountability social.” The purpose of the accountability party is to go over accounts, types of accounts, how they relate or how they differ in the accounting cycle or process without the students realizing that is what they are doing and they have fun with it at the same time. Each “party” can contain many lessons, and can go for one day or span multiple days or periods.

A regularly scheduled accounting social helps my students begin the year learning the same skills and practices together. As the year goes on the accountability social gets more difficult and more rules come into play. No matter what topic we’re covering throughout the year, my students learn new skills while at the same time having fun.

On October 1st, I will introduce the materials needed and the various ways you can host your own accountability social with your students. You’ll then have a chance to think about how you’d host your own accountability social and what you’d need to incorporate or modify from the way I’ve described this and then, on October 8th,  we’ll meet again to discuss any concerns, any troubles, or suggestions to make the event better.

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Julissa Rodriguez

I have been a teacher in the Academy of Finance at Passaic County Technical Institute for 4 years. This September I will begin my 5th year teaching in the program. I also guide my students through the NAF Bank on It tournament which I had a studen... Full Bio