Furthering Social and Emotional Learning

Welcome to Furthering Social and Emotional Learning, the TeachingPartners Live Collaborative presented by NNSTOY.

In the coming months, I’ll be hosting two related TeachingPartners Live Workshops. These workshops present not only my own ideas and experiences but the collective perspectives of a growing cohort of educators and teachers gathered by NNSTOY to share teacher-driven professional learning specifically related to Social and Emotional Learning.

This first TeachingPartners Live Workshop introduces an important approach that has been a focus of our early investigations. Together, we’ve explored research from the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) that establishes that when students learn how to understand and regulate strong feelings, to observe and connect with others, and to make responsible decisions, their confidence and efficacy blossoms.

We’ve come to understand the ways in which  social and emotional skills have the power to boost students’ life-long well-being and academic success. We’ve also come to see that it’s essential that educators with time for dedicated SEL–such as a homeroom or advisory course–have the tools to create and customize effective SEL instruction that is tailored for the needs of their students. Yet, because SEL instruction is an emergent field structures for strategically boosting specific students’ social and emotional skills can be elusive.

In this Teaching Partners Live Collaborative, I will help you to develop a series of focused SEL lessons for immediate use with your students. Drawing on my experience as an SEL curriculum leader, I will streamline your engagement with a selection of SEL lesson formats and resources. I’ll also offer supportive feedback in the development of your original lesson series.

I hope you will make time to join me and other teachers eager to develop their students’ social and emotional skills in their classrooms. Register today to take part in the two Workshop sessions I’ll be hosting on February 28th and then a week later on March 7.

Teachers who take part in both sessions; who engage together with workgroup participants in the Workgroup Feed between sessions; and who develop and share a series of focused SEL lessons for feedback during these sessions will be receive a Certificate of Participation verifying six hours of professional learning from NNSTOY and TeachingPartners.

Megan Olivia Hall

Presented by NNSTOY.

This workshop is part of NNSTOY Collaboratives.