Employing culturally-relevant pedagogy to reduce academic disparity and increase academic achievement.

with Rhonda Threet

English Language Arts Teacher

“This happens because I do all I can to increase academic achievement and eliminate disparities in my classroom by introducing culturally relevant pedagogy to my students.

“My teaching has been greatly influenced by Gloria Ladsons-Billings’ research, which I found to be very simple and concrete. Her work outlines three criteria for meeting the needs of all learners, especially those who are historically marginalized: Have academic success in the classroom; have culturally relevant material; and have credible consciousness.

“I use these criteria daily and can attest to their efficacy. Students are learning; they’re engaged; they’re not opting out. Because I create an environment where children are expected to learn, they’re making their own choice to learn and learning has become cool.”

Rhonda Threet

Rhonda has been in the classroom for over 11 years, the majority as a 1st grade teacher. Currently, Rhonda teaches 3rd grade reading. (English Language Arts). In addition, Rhonda supports teachers as an instructional leader (ITL2) and is an affili... Full Bio