NNSTOY Courses for Teachers: Adult Learning And Leadership

The National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) works in community with other teachers to build the profession and improve teaching.

Our Teacher Leadership Professional Learning Courses build teachers’ capacity to lead and improve professional practice. Each course is based on the industry-supported Teacher Leader Model Standards and grounded in the latest research and adult learning theory.

Beginning February 21th, I’ll be hosting a three-part series of TeachingPartners Live Workshops. Together, they present NNSTOY’s first, fundamental course in teacher leadership: Adult Learning and Leadership. Workshops take place on Tuesday evenings, and each lasts for two hours.

I’m looking forward to hosting these workshops because I believe that too often teacher leadership remains an untapped, highly valuable resource in many schools and districts. Many teachers have the expertise and disposition to collaborate with colleagues and lead the change process, but they find themselves confronted with challenges. These TeachingPartners Live Workshops directly address these challenges, helping teachers to identify their leadership goals, to share their expertise with peers, to better address school-based issues, and to positively impact student performance.

Please join me! When these workshops are completed, you will better understand what it means to be a teacher leader. You’ll also be better able to apply an adult learning theory in your leadership context; facilitate effective teacher teams; and apply principles for designing and implementing change in your school or district.


About this Course

Created by State Teachers of the Year and Finalists, Adult Learning and Leadership offers practical tools to improve teaching and learning. Each workshop is designed expressly for teachers who want to build their capacity as leaders and explore the supports and structures needed to effectively initiate and sustain change in their school community.

Registering once for the course confirms a spot for you at each of these three TeachingPartners Live Workshops:                

  • Workshop Session I: Making the Shift: What Does It Mean to Be a Teacher Leader? Offered Wednesday, February 21, this first workshop helps teachers to define teacher leadership for themselves. Participants discuss teacher leader roles, opportunities, and challenges; review scholarship on teacher leadership; “unpack” Domain I of the Teacher Leader Model Standards; and review and discuss the necessary shifts required of teacher leaders in the realms of instructional leadership, policy leadership, and advocacy.
  • Workshop Session II: Leading Colleagues: Effective Strategies to Lead Adult Learners. Offered Wednesday, February 28, this second workshop introduces teachers to effective strategies for enacting leadership among their peers. Participants examine a pre-read case study that focuses on the importance of collaboration and effective leadership; analyze the evolution of adult learning scholarship; apply adult-learning theory across the continuum of teacher professional practice; and review and design the “Leading for Change Protocol” for future implementation in their own professional setting.
  • Workshop Session III: Be the Difference: Designing and Implementing Change Offered Wednesday, March 7, this concluding workshop invites teachers to begin taking the steps to bring about change. Participants review and discuss aspects of organizational structures; explore the characteristics of highly effective teams; and review opportunities and challenges specifically experienced by teacher leaders. They also analyze the phases of the change process from initiation to institutionalization; and share and provide feedback on other workshop participants’ Leading for Change Protocols.

Teachers who take part will gain a deeper understanding of teacher leadership and adult learning theory. Using their developed Leading for Change Protocol as a guide, participants will also be better positioned to apply this new learning to their professional setting and lead others in designing, facilitating, and implementing change in their school or district.

You are welcome to take part in as many of three TeachingPartners Live Workshops that comprise the full Adult Learning and Leadership Course as you can. No previous engagement with NNSTOY or with a prior NNSTOY course is required.

NNSTOY will award a digital badge to participants who attend all three workshop sessions and who also submit the change process protocol they develop as a result. The digital badge–which certifies the participant has attended all three sessions of Course I: Adult Learning and Leadership, engaged in reflective practice, and submitted a Change Process Protocol action plan–will be supported by an additional Certificate of Participation from NNSTOY and TeachingPartners.

David Bosso

Dr. David Bosso, a Social Studies teacher at Berlin High School, is the 2012 Connecticut Teacher of the Year and 2012 National Secondary Social Studies Teacher of the Year. Over the course of his teaching career, Bosso has traveled to Africa, Asia... Full Bio