Employing math-based concepts to reinforce grammar skills and help students analyze complex sentences.

“First I teach each formula one at a time as part of a larger lesson. I don’t teach all the formulas in a block, but spread out in relation to other things that we are learning. Next, we practice each formula together and the students do many different activities. I have formal and informal assessments throughout the process. Then each formula culminates in a writing assessment where I expect to see compound and complex sentence structures punctuated correctly.

“Years after students have taken my class, they come back to tell me they remember the formulas and still use them to elevate the level of their writing.

“I’ll be sharing this approach in our first TeachingPartners Live Workshop session. I hope by the time our second session concludes you’ll have both the understanding and the resources you need to introduce these practices with your own students.”

Sophia Faridi

Sophia Faridi currently teaches 11th and 12th grade English and Journalism at J. Sterling Morton East High School in Cicero, Illinois. She earned a BA in Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago as well as an M.Ed. in Educational ... Full Bio