Understanding Trauma’s Impact on Student Behavior

Too often, I’ve found that when one of my students exhibits challenging behaviors in class—problems following directions, working with others, and/or controlling his or her frustration—the behavior I see is often related to some personal trauma that has taken place outside my classroom. Children who have experienced trauma often struggle with their learning. But I’ve found that with support and care, most of my students are better able to build resilience and to learn in my classroom.

In early March, I hosted a panel discussion at Concordia University together with my colleague Adrienne Briones. Together, we shared our experiences working with students in the Portland Oregon Public Schools impacted by trauma. We introduced important classroom practices that have been found to build resilience among students struggling with personal trauma.

You can view our discussion in its entirety, right here:

In the upcoming TeachingPartners Live Workshop, Adrienne and I will continue the conversation we began at Concordia, focusing on resilience-enhancing practices that we’ve found are effective for all students—whether they have experienced trauma and or not. We’ll share strategies and approaches that will help you build supportive relationships with your students while at the same time establishing safer and more structured learning environments. We’ll also share strategies that will help your students begin to develop emotional-regulation skills they’ll need throughout their lives.

Please join us! In the first session, we’ll introduce classroom strategies that we know from our own experience build skills of resilience for students. You’ll have the opportunity to build upon these practices and to get ready to put these trauma-sensitive-strategies into practice for your own students. In the second session, you will have an opportunity to share your experiences trying these strategies, and to ask questions of us and of each other. When we’re done, you’ll feel more equipped to support your students impacted by trauma.

As you can with other TeachingPartners Live Workshops, you can earn a six-hour Certificate of Participation from TeachingPartners for your participation in both Workshop sessions. And, if you add your phone number during registration, TeachingPartners will text you reminders as we get closer to the date.

Join us!

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Jill Bryant