Using mathematical routines to engage all learners

Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8

with Sarah Bent

On October 15th and 22nd, I’ll share how to use mathematical routines in your classroom to build number sense, develop inquiry, and engage students in the Standards for Mathematical Practice. One thing I love about these routines is how easy they are to implement, and how they have the flexibility to be used as a five-minute warm-up or a full lesson for a wide range of learners at varying grade levels.

When you use instructional routines in your classroom, students are more deeply engaged in the mathematical content because of the familiar and predictable structure. In addition, using routines in sequence provides opportunities for students to build on what they know from previous sessions. Because these tasks are low-floor/high-ceiling and of interesting content, they create an inviting space for even your reluctant students to share their thinking. In turn, as students communicate in mathematical ways through these interactive routines, they develop more mathematical habits of mind.

During the first interactive Workshop on October 15th, we’ll engage in the routines ourselves to experience them from the perspective of a learner. We’ll reflect on each experience, paying special attention to how it can be implemented to support and challenge all our students. We’ll also look at the Standards for Mathematical Practice and consider which standards are highlighted as we engage in each routine. After our first session, you’ll have the chance to try these routines with your students. When we meet again on the 22nd, we’ll share our experiences from implementing these activities within in the classroom. We’ll discuss successes and challenges as well as new ideas and questions.

As you can with other TeachingPartners Live Workshops, you can earn a six-hour Certificate of Participation from TeachingPartners for your participation in both Workshop sessions. And, if you add your phone number during registration, TeachingPartners will text you reminders as we get closer to the date.

Sarah Bent

Sarah Bent is the Assistant Director of Mathematics Leadership Programs at Mount Holyoke College. In this role, she runs the Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics program and designs and facilitates professional learning opportunities for teacher... Full Bio